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I always go back to my Roots

The period between the 1950 -1960 was known as the Golden Era of Bollywood. The choreography in this era was predominantly ruled by the Lal Brothers namely B. Sohanlal, B. HiraLal, B Chinnilal and B. Radheshyam. The Jaipur Gharana will forever be etched into the annals of Bollywood through the work of these great maestros. My grandfather, Shri B. Hiralal was a true exponent of the forceful, energetic and virile Jaipur style and rightfully commanded respect for many decades in the Indian film industry. Just a few hours filled with magical songs from classics like 'Piya Tohse', 'Inhi Logo Ne', 'Raj Tilak' and others humbles me time and again. It teaches me that seamless dance choreography blends dancers, music, lyrics and the synopsis of the movie; it connects with the audience and tells them a story. To achieve what he achieved is my inspiration.

Something that I Really Enjoy Doing

During all the years of my childhood, I always enjoyed dance. Having performed in shows like the Sachin Shankar Ballet, Kalka Bindadeen Maharaj Festival and many others, I knew that my future lay in the performance arts. Having completed my formal training in classical dance, I also had the option to pursue a stage performance and theatre career. It was then that Shri Chinni Prakash helped me make my decision, and paved the way towards Bollywood. I started as a trainee with him, and his wife Smt Rekha Prakash, and in six months became his official assistant. It was something that I really enjoyed doing and made me realize that dance is about performance, and choreography is about connecting people.

Shri B Hiralal
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